Step-by-Step Guide: Setting Up Servers in Minecraft Java

Thu, Feb 17, 2022

Minecraft Java Edition

Minecraft Java Edition offers players the opportunity to create and manage their own servers, providing a customizable and immersive multiplayer experience. Whether you want to play with friends, create a community, or customize gameplay mechanics, setting up your own Minecraft server can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the process of setting up a Minecraft Java Edition server to create your own multiplayer world.

Step 1: Preparing Your System

Before setting up a Minecraft server, ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements. You will need a computer with a reliable internet connection, sufficient processing power, and ample RAM to handle both the server and player connections.

Step 2: Downloading the Server Software

  1. Visit the official Minecraft website: Go to the official Minecraft website ( and navigate to the "Download" section.

  2. Download the Minecraft Server Software: Under the "Multiplayer Server" section, click on the "Minecraft Server" button to download the server software.

Step 3: Creating a Server Directory

  1. Choose a location: Select a location on your computer where you want to store the server files. It can be a dedicated folder or any convenient directory.

  2. Create a new folder: Create a new folder in the chosen location and name it something recognizable (e.g., "Minecraft Server").

  3. Move the server software: Move the downloaded server software file into the newly created folder.

Step 4: Configuring the Server

  1. Open the server software: Double-click on the server software file you placed in the server directory. This action will generate essential server files.

  2. Agree to the EULA: Open the newly generated "eula.txt" file and change the "eula=false" line to "eula=true" to accept the Minecraft End User License Agreement.

  3. Customize server settings (optional): Open the "" file to adjust server settings according to your preferences. This file allows you to modify various aspects, including game mode, difficulty, maximum player limit, and more.

Step 5: Port Forwarding (If Hosting Publicly)

If you intend to host the server publicly, you'll need to configure port forwarding on your router. This step allows incoming connections to reach your server.

  1. Access your router settings: Open your web browser and enter your router's IP address (usually found on the router itself or in the manual). This action will open your router's settings page.

  2. Enable port forwarding: Locate the port forwarding settings (usually found under "Advanced" or "Firewall" options) and add a new rule to forward incoming traffic on the Minecraft server port (default is 25565) to the local IP address of your computer running the server.

  3. Save the changes: Once you've configured port forwarding, save the changes and exit your router's settings.

Step 6: Starting the Server

  1. Open the Command Prompt or Terminal: On your computer, launch the Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac and Linux).

  2. Navigate to the server directory: Use the "cd" command to navigate to the server directory you created earlier. For example, if the server directory is on your desktop, you would enter: "cd Desktop/Minecraft Server".

  3. Start the server: In the Command Prompt or Terminal, enter the command "java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar server.jar nogui". This command starts the Minecraft server with the specified RAM allocation (1024M). You can adjust the RAM allocation based on your system's capabilities.

  4. Server initialization: The server will begin initializing, and you'll see various messages indicating its progress. Once the process is complete, the server is ready for players to join.

Step 7: Joining the Server

Minecraft Server

To join your own Minecraft server:

  1. Open Minecraft Java Edition: Launch Minecraft Java Edition on the computer you want to use to join the server.

  2. Select "Multiplayer": From the main menu, click on the "Multiplayer" button.

  3. Add server: Click on the "Add Server" or "Direct Connect" button.

  4. Enter server details: In the designated fields, enter a name for the server and the IP address of the computer running the server (either the local IP address for LAN or the public IP address if hosting publicly).

  5. Connect to the server: Click on the "Join Server" or "Connect" button to join the Minecraft server you created.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your own Minecraft Java Edition server. You can now explore, build, and play with friends in your customized multiplayer world.

Remember to share the server IP address with friends if you want them to join. Additionally, you can install plugins or mods to further enhance the server's functionality and gameplay experience.

Setting up your own Minecraft server opens up a world of possibilities for you and your friends to enjoy multiplayer adventures, custom game modes, and a truly personalized Minecraft experience. So grab your pickaxe, gather your companions, and embark on thrilling journeys in your very own Minecraft server.

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